How Our Rent Guaranteed Scheme Works

Letting out a property is often an uncertain and challenging process faced by landlords. But thanks to our rent guaranteed scheme, this process couldn’t be easier.

What is your guaranteed rent scheme? You might ask. It’s really as simple as it sounds. We guarantee your rent! Landlords come to us and we take care of everything, essentially we become your tenant, never missing a payment and ensure your property is returned to you in the same condition as you left it.

We Become your Tenant

As you might expect being a landlord with a tenant that is a business, makes things extremely easy. Dealing with a business like Filey Properties means you benefit from seamless communication with friendly professionals, that’s right, no more annoying questions or complaints. As well as this we take on the risk and ensure your renting experience reflects our prestigious customer service.

No Voids, No Arrears

Once the contract is signed and the keys are handed over, you as the landlord can start enjoying the rent.

Property Is Returned In Its Original Condition

Most landlords fear the risk of their property being damaged beyond wear and tear. Unfortunately, maintenance and legal certs will always be a landlord’s responsibility
We have ensured the rent guaranteed scheme removes the risk of rent arrears and voids for our Landlords. We can tailor-make our packages for landlords that want to minimise their involvement with maintenance.

Your property is our priority. Get in touch with us today to join our guaranteed rent scheme!