How to Rent Your House

In this article, we’ve outlined points to serve as a guide on how to rent your house. Many people ponder over the idea of renting out their property. Firstly you need to have an understanding of your responsibilities as a landlord to protect your property and satisfy your tenants.

Examine The Property And Do The Necessary Repairs

Before you make your property available to rent, first decide on whether to let it as furnished or unfurnished. Also, the property should be safe and free from health hazards. Tenants are selective, that’s why it is important to keep your property clean.

Make sure appliances are working and are in good condition. It is your responsibility to make the space habitable.

Set A Rent Rate

To help decide how much you should rent your property for, use our free valuation tool.  All you need to do is enter your address and some contact details and you’ll receive a rental evaluation in seconds!

Get An Insurance Company

Next, you’ll need to talk to an insurance company. You won’t want to bear all the costs should something go wrong with your tenant so it’s imperative that you insure your property against damages.

Get A Property Management Agency

As a landlord, you can be free from the stress of finding potential tenants for your property and avoid all the paperwork. This is only possible if you entrust your property to a property management agency.

When you rent your house with us on our guaranteed rent scheme, we become your tenant. All the legal documents, the 2 am calls for complaints, and the maintenance issues will be handled by our professional team. See the benefits of our rent guarantee scheme. It is most popular with landlords who want to avoid dealing with tenants and enjoy guaranteed rental income. Read more on how our guaranteed rent scheme works.

Choose a letting agent that truly cares about your needs. Get in touch with us today!