Landlord FAQ's

How long is the contact?

Depending on what you choose, we offer our landlords a contract of 1-5 years, however, it varies. This is because, with whatever you decide to go for we agree to, if you say 2 years then the contract will be for 2 years, and at the end of the 2-year agreement if you would like to extend your agreement then all the happier for us!

Why should I trust you?

Filey Properties have been offering Guaranteed Rent since our establishment, 2005, and today we have many of our landlords choosing our Rent Guaranteed scheme across all 4 of our branches. We are also a member of the SAFE Agent, following up with our TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) and also being a founder member of The Property Ombudsman.

What about the internal condition of the property?

When the property has been sub-let, we take the holding deposit from the tenant, which is then put forward, registered with one of the approved deposit protection services. Moreover, when the tenant then leaves the property and we do our check-out inspection, we make sure to check everything to do with the property look into the property with full detail in order to make sure that no damages have been made to your property, and if there are any damages to the property, this will then be subjected to wear and tear, we then use the deposit to cover the cost of any damages, so nothing comes out of your pockets if the damage is caused by tenants.

What are the benefits of Guaranteed Rent for landlords?

The benefits of using the Guaranteed Rent scheme ensures that you will not receive any void periods, no rent arrears, no commission, no set-up fees, no renewal fees or any other costs. There is no need to deal with the tenant’s queries and problems at all. We make sure that you decide when your contract is signed for which will then result into the date you’ve signed your contract to be the date that you will be receiving your payments.

Is the Guaranteed Rent scheme for me?

Making sure we satisfy you to its fullest, we want to ensure you choose the right lettings service for yourself, this completely depends on the level of responsibility and risk you are prepared to move on with. Our Guaranteed Rent scheme best suits landlords who want the financial stability of knowing what exactly their rental income will be each month, including all the foreseeable benefits of the best property management, today.

Why do I need an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement, since October 1st 2008, it is a must-do before letting out your property.

What is an EPC?

EPC ensures to assess the energy performance of the property. This is so that the landlord and the managing agency is aware of how high or low the efficiency of the property is. Moreover, “A” states that the efficiency is high and “G” stating the efficiency is low. It is then prompt to be addressed by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and will then also show a building’s environmental impact by indicating its carbon dioxide emissions.

How long is an EPC valid for?

An EPC lasts for 10 years and can be used for multiple tenancies within that period.

How do I ensure an EPC for my property?

Filey Properties ensure to arrange the EPC for our landlords. This is to be carried out on your behalf in order to avoid any delays when letting out your property.

Tenant FAQs

How do I pay rent?

This will be agreed in your tenancy contract. Filey Properties collect the rent on behalf of the landlord via online transactions. In which we provide details of our account and give youthe paperwork in order to do so, if there are more than one persons sharing the property and paying the rent, then you can set up a household account in all your names.

How do I serve a notice to vacate my property?

This will be in line with your tenancy agreement. You will have signed a specific section on the tenancy agreement which states that you have a fixed term and you can leave at the end of the term. Moreover, if you do wish to vacate the property, you will have to give it to the agency in written beforehand, and also has to be done a month before you will be leaving the property, after giving the notice, you have a months period to leave.

What are the documents I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with proof of your right to rent a property in England (Passport) and your current address, proof of address will include utility bills if you receive it, DSS slips, and last three months of your payslips and bank statements. All documents must be originals. No photocopies.

What additional references will I require?

Filey Properties, on behalf of their landlords, want to ensure to instruct a professional and independent way of referencing your future tenants and their guarantors fully in order to find you the best possible tenants. As for the future tenants, we ensure for them to complete an online application form. The agency will check your credit history, employer and previous landlord references. If you are self-employed, then we will require you to provide us with audited accounts covering a period of 12 months. We will then speak to the landlord and use this information to establish the qualify for the tenancy.

When is my deposit returned to me?

Once the inventory checkout has been completed and everything is left how it was found, it is then the tenancy responsibility to agree with their landlord whether any deductions should be made from the deposit. Once a written confirmation has been made from you and the landlord agreeing on the amount (if any), we will then arrange the payment to be made. This will be sent to you within 10 days after receiving the final confirmation.

Am I responsible for the garden of the property if I have one?

It’s always a bonus having a property which has a garden, however, you must also think about how to maintain it and keep it in good condition all year round. At the end of the tenancy, the garden or patio should be given back to the landlord in a similar condition as the start of the tenancy, otherwise, there could be a deduction in your rent because of the damage to the garden, for a gardener to sort it out.