Boards placed outside homes are useful in the sense of attracting home hunters.

What to expect during the valuation

One of our negotiators will come to visit your property and view each room in the property ensuring full detail of every room so that we know what your property has to offer to your potential future tenants. Our negotiator will work on your property, listing all the relevant information, the suggested asking price for your property and why we chose the figure we thought was best.

Once the valuation has been received

Once the valuation has been processed and you have received it, I can assure you that the valuation figure is realistic. This is because, our negotiators ensure to use comparable evidence, from similar properties in the area, making sure we take into account the size of your property and also the condition it is in. Moreover, as a professional letting agency, we also ensure to take in the area that your property stands on as that is also a very big factor of valuing the property. Additionally, we also believe that if the property has an extension, outside space, and the positioning on the road also adds to the value. To conclude my points, the facts mentioned above helps us to form an accurate idea of what your property could go for within the market.

To conclude

If you decide to go on with the rental process, we will listen to your goals and help you achieve them to its fullest by ensuring to find you the best-suited tenants that you desire to live in your property. If it is your first time letting a property, as one of the best letting agency in London will ensure to give you advice. Even if you have let your properties previously we will still be here to help along the way.