Top Tips For Sellers


A buyer has to be able to visualize the space as their own. A clear canvas is easier to paint on.

Complete unfinished DIY

If these are left undone, buyers may magnify the potential costs of work required and make low offers. Surveyors can also pick up on small things and this can lead to less positive reports.


Make the best of the approach

First impressions count and many applicants will walk past a property or do a drive-by prior to book viewings. Create a positive impression at this stage will lead to more viewings.


Presentation is important

We live in the real world and buyers understand that it may not be possible to immaculately present a home at all times. However, do everything practical to make your home stand out, especially when your agent is photographing and preparing details. It’s not just down to you though.

Get the marketing price right

Your asking price is like bait. Too high and you will experience a lack of viewings and a protracted sale. Too low and you will attract many buyers but not achieve the highest price. Ensure your estate agent has the experience and local knowledge to give accurate advice and backs tis up with hard evidence of the sales they have achieved in your area.

Demonstrate that you are a committed seller

Display a For Sale board and accommodate viewings from good buyers, even at short notice when possible. This creates the maximum number of sales opportunities.

Get legal and financial advice fairly

Selling is always a big commitment, ensure you know your next step. This will speed up the process when you agree a sale.



Start your search for a new home (if buying on)

Having a property to purchase can in some instances make the difference selling and not selling. It can also assist in facilitating a smooth transaction.



Insist your estate agent has the experience

You are paying them to sell your property, ensure that they advertise your property across all media and have a proactive sales team directly promoting your property to buyers. Make sure trained staff are available to conduct viewings, feedback to you promptly and that these staff are skilled at encouraging offers and have the local knowledge on the property market.