Our Aims

The first marketing tool we ensure is our landlords and tenants’ satisfaction. We will achieve our goal by making sure each office communicates well with each other, in order to distribute your property details and forward to potential tenants. Therefore, within one day your property is in the eyes of house hunters within the first day of being on the market.

Brand Advertising

Filey Properties ensure to be heard, in order to increase brand awareness, and build brand reputation is very dominant. Filey Properties are seen on newspapers, TV shows and radios, this builds brand image on a positive note. We have also distributed leaflets to the local area advertising our company.

Trustworthy Agent

We use our professionalism, organisational, and companionship skills in order to find you the right tenants and let your property securely.


Filey Properties are one of very few agents who collect their fees on a monthly basis. We ensure to not take our fees as a whole upfront. This is so that our landlord clients enjoy a much steadier cash flow over their tenancy period.