Step 1- Make your Property look its best

Presenting to rent:

• Be objective – don’t overlook flaws just because you don’t mind them, tenants may not like the property for that one reason

• Reduce clutter – ensure to get rid of everything but the bare essentials

• Outside and inside of the property – if the property is freshly decorated and there is fresh paintwork and it is well cared for in and out, it will 100% make an amazing first impression

• The modern look – by attracting tenants, it is always crucial to keep the property light and neutral, ensure windows are clean and decoration has been used with light colours

STEP 2 – Get a valuation from a Letting Agent

With just a little research, it will give you an idea of what the right rent is for your property.

If you want a professional opinion on where to set your asking rent, get in touch with us and we will carry out a free valuation and without any obligation, to use our services for lettings or management.

Step 3 – Find your Tenants

If you decide you would like us to let your property, give us a call and we will be sure to keep you in touch with one of the lettings negotiators.

Our negotiators will be the ones who you will be dealing with, they know the area in and out, it is their job to know everything about your rental. Our negotiators will be in touch with you throughout each step of the way, they will call you when somebody is interested, they will also inform you on any information viewers have said about the property.

We will advertise your property by putting it on the market and on our website making it available for potential tenants to see.


Step 4 – Get the Paperwork Done

When you’ve agreed on your tenants and they have agreed to move in, the next step is then the paperwork, this is done before the tenancy agreement can start. We will take care of this, and send you the documents of your potential tenants for you to come to a final decision.

We then name the status of your property from ‘available’ to ‘let agreed’, after that, we request your tenants to bring in credit statements to check and ensure they are the right tenants for you. If there are any problems on behalf of the tenant’s request of the property, we will be sure to ask you first before doing anything.


Step 5 – The tenancy agreement and check-in inspection

Then, we will draw up a tenancy agreement which will be the contract, which then sets out exactly what the terms of your contract are with your tenant, including any special requirements you have/expect from your tenants. We will be sure to send you a copy of this agreement if you request, for you to look at and make sure your tenant signs it.

Finally, the inventory records are consistent and we ensure to keep track of the contents and condition of your property at the point in which when your tenants move in. Moreover, at the end of the tenancy, we will ensure to carry another inspection at the end of the tenancy to check that nothing is missing or damaged.

Step 6 – Taking a Deposit and Moving in

Before the tenancy starts, we will collect a holding deposit and the first rent payment on your behalf. Then, as soon as this money clears, your tenants can then move in.

We will cut spare keys and give tenants a key in case of any problems or emergencies.

Letting your property is now over, and you are now a landlord.