Plan ahead and sort out your finances

Speak to your bank or a whole-of-market mortgage adviser. Ask them to explain all the costs that you are likely to incur, find out how much you can borrow and ensure repayments are affordable. We always advise to speak to a few advisors to see if better deals are available and compare the products.

Now you know your affordability

You can decide on your preferred locations, property types and priorities but it’s a good idea to be flexible at this stage. You will probably have to make compromises when choosing your new home. If certain criteria’s are non-negotiable, be sure you are clear in your mind what these are. We always advise to have a look at a few types of properties before ruling features out.

Visit the local agents

It is important to build relations, don’t just rely on the internet, the best property for you could have been sold before it appears on the portals. That telephone call from an estate agent who is aware of your requirements could help secure you to the perfect home. They may also be prepared to canvas areas and house styles of particular interest to you, once they understand what you are looking for.

Always view the property you like at least twice

You will take in far more detail second time round. Walk around the immediate vicinity; you can get a far better feel for an area on foot and also visit at different times of day. You may even wish to speak to the neighbours to find out what they think of the area and what they are like.

Ask questions about the property

Buying a property is a big commitment. Ensure you no question marks in the property you are interested in purchasing. How long has it been on the market? Has there been a lot of interest or offers? What is the minimum the vendor will accept? You may not get definitive answers but you may not get clues that are useful when it comes to deciding how much to offer.

Give an offer in writing

You will be entering a complex transaction, it is important to highlight determination. When you do provide us with your offer, give evidence of your availability to purchase and all the information needed to proceed.